Used by professional carpet cleaners for over 15 years with proven performance, this industrial carpet cleaning product is now available to the public through these special offers.

A synergistic blend of microbial cultures that are producers of specific enzymes responsible for the break down of urine and fecal matter. These bacteria have been selectively enriched through uric acid environments to survive and digest the toughest urine stains.

Pet Stain off is also much safer than other urine stain products because it doesn't contain the any harsh chemicals that can stay in your carpet after the application process.


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Special Price: [Introductory Offer]:  The ultimate against pet odor and stains.  This product is the final resort for the worst of cat and dog stains.  Normally $89.99 per gallon.  Now on sale for $79.99. [Click Here]

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Pet Stain Off


Our original Pet Stain Off has been sold in the United States for over 15 years.  Our formulation is used by professional carpet cleaners nationwide. Pet Stain Off is safe around pets and children unlike other toxic chemical pet stain removers sold on the internet.  Beware of some chemical pet stain removers can contaminate carpet fibers for years and are extremely toxic to children and your pets.  Our pet stain division specializes in only pet stain removal.   Pet Stain Off is a unique product that is safe and effective on dog urine stains, cat urine stains, dog feces stains, and cat feces stains.  Available in gallons, quarts and kits.

Buy: Pet Stain Off             More Info: Pet Stain Off


You can't treat a pet stain if you don't know where it is!  Our pet stain removal kits come complete with powerful LED ultra violet flash lights that can detect not only fresh pet stains but older more inconspicuous stains.  Pet stains glow bright yellow when these flashlights are pointed at the source of your odor problems.  Our UV lights come in three different sizes and are the most powerful lights offered on the market for finding pet urine stains.  Our powerful pet stain UV lights can be purchased in our pet stain fighting kits or separately.

Buy: Pet Stain UV Lights             

More Info: Pet Stain Removal UV Lights

Pet Stain Remover



RX For Spotting Pet Stain Remover is an industrial strength stain remover that actually lifts stains quickly and easily from carpet, upholstery and fabric.  Used by professional carpet cleaners nationwide.  Formulated for cat and dog urine.  Used for spotting small areas of carpet and upholstery.  Easy to use with professional results at a fraction of what you would pay a professional carpet cleaner.  Now sold to the public.




Buy: RX For spotting Pet Stain Remover

Pet Odor Remover     RX PET ODOR REMOVER

RX for spotting Pet odor remover is a powerful and carpet-safe formula that removes pet odors.  RX pet odor remover removes the worst pet odors.  RX pet odor remover contains stain repelling agents to protect your carpet so clean up is easier the next time.  Recommended for repeated stain activity and use. Easy to use with professional results at a fraction of what you would pay a professional carpet cleaner.  Now sold to the public.



Buy: RX For spotting Pet Odor Remover

Pet Urine Contamination Treatment     URINE CONTAMINATION TREATMENT

Urine contamination treatment is a last resort product for the worst cat and dog urine stains and odors.  This product is only recommended for the worst pet stains such as extreme cat urine cases.  Extreme floral scent.  Ventilate area when using.

Neutralizes stubborn urine odors from carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces.

Removes odors on hard surfaces.

In addition to carpet and upholstery, Urine Contamination Treatment will control urine odors from tile, concrete, wood floors, as well as other hard surfaces.

Buy: Urine Contamination Treatment              

More Info: Urine Contamination Treatment


At Pet Stain Off we pride ourselves on giving you the best tools for cleaning pet stains.  Our carpet spotters and carpet cleaners can help you clean up pet stain has a chance to permeate to the backing of your carpet.





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More Info: Pet Stain Removal Tools


Over 24,000 Kits Sold

Customer Comments


Joey E, FL 

My house used to smell worse than my litter box.  Thanks to Pet Stainoff I don't feel embarrassed when people come over.  Thanks...

Kathy S, CA

They wanted $2000 to replace my carpet.  I ordered Pet Satinoff and the stain and odor disappeared.  Pet Stainoff saved me over $1900.  This product really works!

Jim B, WI

Wow!  I thought I would need to replace the carpet in our basement until I used this stuff.  Thanks for a great product!  Jim B.

Mark Z, NY

Cool UV light, I tried it on my toilet to see if it really works.  It works!

 Kathy M, TX

I thought it was going to be hard to use, but I was really surprised.  I feel like I can keep my cat now—I thought I was going to have to give her up until I used the Pet stain-off.  Kathy M.

 Dennis N, MN

Sooooo happy with the end result, thank you! DN

 Danielle, MI

We recommend this to our boarding customers for pet accidents since people kept asking how we keep the odor away at our indoor facility.  Customers like the fact that we use such a safe product.  Danielle

 Pete S, MD

The scent has really dissipated since I began to treat the floor with your Pet Stain Off.  Thank you so much, before I used it I couldn’t stand to be in that room for very long and thought I’d have to replace the floorboards where our puppy kept going before he was fully house-broken.  What a difference your product made!  Lois and Pete S.

 Helen L, WI

I have an older cat and was torn between having to put him to sleep or confining him indefinitely to one room so that his accidents were contained to one area.  Since I treated the room two months ago, I haven’t noticed a problem with odor.  My cat still has accidents occasionally, but I treat them right away and the smell doesn’t have time to settle in like it did before I tried the Petstainoff.  I am so pleased I found your website.  Thanks.  Mrs. Helen L.

 Gordon G, OR

Great product, nice scent!  Gordon

 Andy M, NY

Love your stuff and your website.  The special light was amazing.  I found out my cat was urinating in the corner of another room too.  Andy M.

TeddyBear Day Care and Learning Center

“I have been looking for a stain remover that was non-toxic for my in-home day care and was so happy to have found your website.  Thank you for producing a kid-safe product.” 

Dottie and Bill J., TN

“Thanks for a product that finally worked for me.  The special light that I got showed me how bad our floors really were.  It was amazing to turn out the lights and see all of the stains.  With a few applications of Pet Stain Off and after we waited for the areas to dry (we waited a week), we used the UV flashlight again and could see how much better the areas were and the smell was gone.  Thanks again!”  --Dottie and Bill J.

Joe C, FL

“This worked so well, I don’t need to replace the spot with new carpeting.” 

Kelli B, FL

“Thank you for making the directions easy to follow.  The results were much better than I was hoping for.  The light made it simple to find the spots where my puppy relieved himself.  It was nice to find something that worked right away!”


“…used it on stained laundry and it worked  so well I recommended it to my sister who cares for little kids during the day.” 

 A special thanks goes out to our loyal customers who have written to us.  We appreciate all your nice emails and letters, Thank you.


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